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Muzica Italiana de Suflet : Riccardo Cocciante - Margherita

O minunata declaratie de Dragoste

margheritaRiccardo Cocciante – Margherita - Video


I cannot stay here still
with my hands in my hands,
there's so many things I must do
before tomorrow comes...
And if she is already sleeping,
I cannot rest at all;
I'll do such things, that, when she wakes up,
she won't forget me anymore.
And to make this long night
not blacker than black,
make yourself big, sweet Moon,
and fill the whole sky...
And for her bright smile
to come back again,
shine, Sun, tomorrow morning,
like you never did before...
Then, to make her sing
the songs she has learned,
I will build for her a silence
that nobody ever heard...
I'll turn off all of her lovers,
I'll talk for hours and hours,
let's close in a stronger embrace
because she wants love.
Then let's run through the streets
and let's start dancing,
because she wants joy,
because she hates sadness;
then, with colored paint buckets,
let's paint all the walls
of homes, alleys and palaces,
because she loves colors;
let's pick up all the flowers
that Spring can give us,
let's build a cradle for her,
to love each other when evening falls.
Then let's climb to the sky
and catch a star for her,
because Margherita is good,
because Margherita is beautiful;
because Margherita is sweet,
because Margherita is real,
because Margherita loves
and she does it for a whole night;
because Margherita is a dream,
because Margherita is life's salt,
because Margherita is the wind
and she doesn't know she can hurt;
because Margherita is everything
and she is my craze;
Margherita, Margherita,
Margherita now is mine.
Margherita is mine...

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